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In Need of Some Positivity? Join Us for Some Winter Activities

At North Oaks, we are conscious of the need for positivity and good news, especially during these challenging times, which is why we wanted to invite the community to join us for some upcoming virtual activities encouraging positivity and wellness. These activities are available for both residents and those who live outside the North Oaks Community.

We would love to offer you or your senior loved one the opportunity to join us for one of our many activities that we can share with you.

Join us for the following events and activities via Zoom or call us at 410-602-0349 for directions on how to participate virtually:


The Good News Club

We are thrilled to launch a new virtual club at North Oaks – The GOOD NEWS CLUB. Beginning Tuesday, December 15th at 10:00am via Zoom. Please join this bi- weekly discussion group, which will be centered exclusively on positive and encouraging stories. We will discuss events, happenings and stories that we don’t always make the top of the new list but are happening every day. Members will also be encouraged to share good news from their life as well.


Seated Core Crunch Fitness

Staying well and fit are important especially now. This 30- minute exercise program is recommended by our own Fitness Manager, Clint Altman. Core strengthening helps posture as well as balance. Give it a try!


Four-Part Political Series: How We Got Here & Where Do We Go from Here?

Taught by instructor Bob Rudd. We will examine current issues as we reflect on the current political climate and discuss the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead in 2021.


Music and You with Sharette Kern:

Join us every Friday at 2:00 p.m. via Zoom with instructor Sharette Kern, our longtime music instructor will explore different aspects of music starting with instruments and vocals and continuing with style. From classics to current musical appreciation, the presentation is always upbeat and engaging. Sharette has taught at North Oaks for over 10 years and has never repeated a class!


Borisevich Due Concert

Enjoy a virtual concert by violinist and pianist Nikita Borisevich and Margarita Loukachkina. One of many original concerts by entertainers and musicians recorded specifically for North Oaks!


The Power of Mindset: How it Can Affect Your Health, Aging, & Happiness

This presentation describes cutting edge research on the power of one’s mindset – literally meaning the setting of the mind towards a particular set of expectations – on influencing thoughts, feelings, and behavior. At the conclusion of this talk you’ll learn specific strategies for changing your own mindset, which can lead to better psychological and physical well-being.

Call Libby Rodriguez, Director of Community Life Services at 410-602-0349 for details on how you can join this or the many classes offered through One Day University. North Oaks residents have access to their total library.


Great Decisions Series

A foreign affairs video series that provides background information and policy options for the most critical issues facing America each year. Chosen by a panel of experts from the Foreign Policy Association. This week’s topic is the “Competing for Influence: China in Latin America.”


Happy Hannukah!

From all of us at North Oaks, we wish you and your family a Happy Hannukah. In addition to Menorah lighting, we delivered curated bags full of treats and surprises. We are also showing Hannukah content on our in house television station Channel 970. Here is one of our favorites:

    • Theodore Bikel: A Taste of Chanukah from Jordan Hall at the New England Conservatory. Click here to view.