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Pursuing Passions: Enriching Artistic Expression at North Oaks

North Oaks, a senior living community just outside Baltimore, Maryland, creates opportunities for a wide variety of life-enrichment opportunities, including experiencing the arts. The beauty of its panoramic hilltop views of the picturesque campus and wooded acreage is a daily source of inspiration. Trips to local museums as well as those in nearby Washington, D.C, enjoying various performing arts, and art classes offered at North Oaks provide a breadth of experiences to spark the exploration of creativity and curiosity in every resident.

The Craftsmanship of Jewelry as Art

One such resident is Goldie Scheinberg. Goldie, a North Oaks resident for 14 years, has always enjoyed crafts of all kinds. In fact, before she moved to North Oaks she took ceramics classes and also made her own jewelry. Once at North Oaks, Goldie taught a jewelry making class that was quite successful.

“We had jewelry shows twice a year, in the spring and the winter. We had some very talented people who created really beautiful items. People would come to our show and would want to buy the items,” says Goldie.

Goldie’s jewelry, specifically her collage pins, caught the eye of the manager at the Baltimore Visionary Arts Museum gift shop. The pins are composed of different kinds of jewelry and so intrigued the gift shop manager that he decided to sell them in his store!

Blank Canvases Transformed

Because Goldie is drawn to the arts, she signed up for a painting class at North Oaks, which was her first foray into the medium. The class meets weekly for an hour or so, but residents can stay longer to work on their canvases, each one taking several weeks to complete.

“I’ve accumulated quite a collection of really lovely pictures and have them all around my apartment. I give my paintings away to family members, so my children and grandchildren are the proud possessors of a lot of my art. I’m going to keep on painting for as long as I can,” says Goldie.

Earlier this year North Oaks hosted an art exhibition with the Baltimore Watercolor Society. Goldie and another resident, Lee Rubin, were able to display their art in the show among some of Baltimore’s most talented artists. Currently, Goldie is working on a painting of the Maryland state bird, the Baltimore Oriole. “It’s fun to be able to create something, and I get a lot of satisfaction out of it. It’s nice. Very nice,” says Goldie.

The arts programming at North Oaks offers a range of classes and outings designed to pique many different interests. Because there is a strong connection between creative expression and overall well-being, arts at the community are priority and residents find ample support in their pursuits of creative living. To learn more about the arts activities at North Oaks or other services that are available, call (410) 486-9090.