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Status of Senior Living Communities

Smiling women at a Senior Living Community

As the U.S. emerges from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many seniors and their family members are wondering about the status of senior living communities. Are they open? Is it a good time to consider moving in? The status of senior living communities depends on the status of the wider world.

The Country Is in a State of Flux

As of the beginning of June 2021, roughly 50% of Americans have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Those vaccines are anywhere from 72% to 95% effective in preventing the disease. There are people who can’t receive the vaccinations due to existing medical conditions, and there are individuals who choose not to get vaccinated. Thus, businesses and individuals have different levels of comfort about restarting our interactions and lifestyles as we knew them before.

Mask and social distancing requirements are still in effect in some places. Others have lifted their mandates. Most restaurants allow inside seating, but not everyone feels comfortable in crowds or groups yet — even if they’re vaccinated.

What Is  Reentry Anxiety?

After more than a year of experiencing a heightened sense of alert, many Americans are having trouble readjusting to the idea of a maskless, crowd-friendly world. Researchers have dubbed this continued wariness “reentry anxiety.” Everyone approached the pandemic differently, but for those who took a conservative approach — staying relatively isolated and religiously wearing masks and social distancing in public — gathering in groups again can feel overwhelming and overstimulating.

To deal with these nervous feelings, people are encouraged to communicate what they need — if you want to remain separated for a while longer or if you need people to give you greater personal space, tell them. Everyone should feel comfortable to reenter “normal” life as gradually as they need.

So What’s the Status of Senior Living Communities

Residents and team members at senior living communities were among the first to have access to vaccines. But great communities are well integrated into their wider area — meaning the timing of their complete reopening will vary because it’s impacted by the status of COVID-19 in the general population.

To meet the current challenges, senior living communities like North Oaks are implementing progressive safety protocols so residents can enjoy the retirement lifestyle they love with fewer worries. EverSafe 360º™ is a new signature program developed by Life Care Services®, An LCS® Company. Guided by an expert medical advisory board, this initiative from North Oaks’ management partner proactively analyzes safety measures to adapt to communities’ needs in a wide array of circumstances.

The indoor air quality will be inspected diligently, and communities will look for solutions to contain or direct airflow as necessary. Top-grade cleaning products and disinfecting procedures will keep residents even safer from germs. Flex spaces create plans to adjust common areas to accommodate social distancing if necessary. While physical health is crucial, residents’ mental and emotional health is equally important. EverSafe 360° offers systems and standards of communication to make sure residents and their family members can stay informed about everything happening in the community. With clear channels of communication, it’s easier to develop engaging programming and interesting activities — even if social distancing is mandated once again.

All these preparations for a possible future help illuminate the status of senior living communities today. They — we — are slowly reopening based on the COVID-19 statistics in the area. In most communities, residents can enjoy activities again, spend time with friends and loved ones, meet with their clubs and committees in person.

Enjoy an Engaging Lifestyle at North Oaks

But we’re not going back to how we were before. Going through a global pandemic means we’re even more prepared for emergencies in the future. Our engaging lifestyle, on-site care, residences, activities, and dining have been optimized for extraordinary circumstances before, and now communities will be even safer and quicker to respond in the future. We’re moving forward — both hopeful and prepared.

If you’d like to find out more about how North Oaks is incorporating EverSafe 360° programs, reach out to us.